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Emergency toy drive for local charity

Some of you know Tony Davis, the owner of the Million Year Picnic comic shop and have met his lovely wife April and their charming son.  What you may not know is that April works for Span, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt corporation based in Boston dedicated to assisting people who have been in prison to address the issues that brought them to prison. ( )

This year, they just found out that another organization failed to step up and provide Span with the toys they promised for the kids of participants in the program for Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t handle letting kids go without toys for Christmas.

We are therefore setting up an emergency 4-day toy drive. It ends at 9pm THIS Sunday, 12/20/2015. Bring your new or gently used unwrapped toy to the Million Year Picnic at 99 MT Auburn ST in Cambridge, MA 02138. We’re the brick building with the green awning and you can find us downstairs on the left.

The age range of the kids involved is 0-18, but the vast majority are ages 4-11, with the second most populous group ages 0-4.

We’re looking for toys, puzzles, games, books, footballs, basketballs, whatever you can provide. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s just got to be something. If you can't bring your toy to the shop by Sunday, let me know and I'll arrange a pick-up.

Thank you for helping out!

(P.S. Sorry that I've been so terrible about posting here. If you would actually prefer to read the shiplist and announcments here instead of Facebook, Twitter, or in your email, let me know & I'll get back to putting them here.)

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Books and Comics ON SALE!!!

The Harvard Book Store's Winter Warehouse Event is tomorrow and Sunday, 10am-6pm.

The Million Year Picnic will be there with plenty of graphic novels, all 15% off. There will be other vendors as well.

Please stop by and visit with Kelly J. Cooper & Tony Davis!!!

(The sale is ONLY for books at the Warehouse.)
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We're Having A Sale! 10% OFF GRAPHIC NOVELS!

Forgive me for neglecting you, LJ community. I've been very lax about cross-posting here.

But I wanted you to know we're having a sale! You know how rare THAT is!

This coming weekend is another TAX FREE WEEKEND in Massachusetts.

To celebrate, we will--in addition to taking that 6.25% in taxes off your purchase--take off an ADDITIONAL 10% off any graphic novels and trade paperback collections!!! (This offer excludes used books)


This round of eBay auctions currently in the MYP/Team Weist store end on Sunday, so check 'em out before they're all gone!

Thanks folks,
Million Year Picnic
99 MT Auburn ST downstairs
Cambridge, MA 02138
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Hater Free Comics! Safe Spaces for Comics Fans

This is pretty cool.

A comics fan named Copperbadge posted a sympathetic response to someone's issues with sexism at her local comic shop by inviting people to comment with "recommendations for shops in your area where you’ve had positive experiences as female comic fans."

Copperbadge then aggregated the comments into a new post, Hater-Free Comics and we got a great mention!

This also resulted in the creation of the Tumblr titled "Safe Spaces for Comics Fans" and we're currently at the top of the list!
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Black-owned, with at least one woman as a clerk, MYP is full of awesome.

[mod note: I can vouch for this one too! I’ve always had really great experiences there.]
We are honored and flattered to be included (says the previously mentioned woman clerk)!

Special thanks to idhren24 for bringing this to our attention!
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Weekly Shiplist for Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fancied up version, with help from friend-of-the-Picnic El Roho, the shiplist is a little fancier this week. We picked half a dozen titles to highlight with image links to full cover art at the top and publisher links to descriptions in the body. Let us know what you think! (Er, let us know here or on Facebook, because we haven't turned on blog comments yet.)


CHOSEN #2 (OF 3)

Weekly Shiplist for Wednesday, 28 November 2012 Collapse )

Thank you!
The Million Year Picnic
99 MT Auburn ST
Cambridge, MA 02138