August 10th, 2008

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Back Issues, Collections, and Trades

Tony and Anthony (AKA The New Guy) brought a bunch of stuff back from the warehouse recently and they've been slowly but surely bagging, pricing, and sealing. I just loaded the back issue bins with over half a long box's worth of various X titles, Thor, Conan, and a LOT of Fantastic Four. There are also a bunch of miscellaneous comics, including a couple issues of Fray and Serenity (for which I created a Joss Whedon section).

Tony also bought several collections recently. One was a batch of underground comix, which are over in the adult section, and two others were old-style trade collections of things like Little Orphan Annie and Terry and the Pirates. We actually have so many nostalgia comics we had to swap the (larger) European section with the (smaller) Nostalgia section to give Nostalgia more room!

We've been trying to keep copies of Watchmen in stock, and mostly succeeding.

It's been 20 years. Do you know where your copy is?

And we've got the new DMZ trade, volume 5, along with Kyle Baker's Nat Turner in both hard and soft cover formats, big hardcovers of American Flagg, and the new trade SCUD: The Whole Shebang!. The softcover Zombies VS Robots (with an Ashley Wood cover) is available as is the comic adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline.

Come and visit!