August 15th, 2008

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Tax-Free Holiday SALE! THIS WEEKEND!

Howdy folks,

This weekend is a TAX-FREE WEEKEND in Massachusetts!

To celebrate, MYP is having a SALE on SATURDAY, 8/16 & SUNDAY, 8/17!!

Tony asked me to send out an email to let everyone know that we're adding an extra incentive for you folks to come in and buy trades and manga from The Million Year Picnic comic shop this weekend.

WE ARE OFFERING 20% off ALL CURRENT Manga titles!

WE ARE ALSO OFFERING 10% off CURRENT MAINSTREAM trade paperback collections, graphic novels, and books!

(Note the sale doesn't include anything over in the adult section - neither indie nor porn - nor back issues nor toys. And the manga in the 50% off boxes are still just 50% off.)

Thank you for your continued patronage!

The Million Year Picnic
99 MT Auburn ST
Cambridge, MA 02138